Saturday, February 25, 2006

TH Custom

This was one of my favorites. I am generally not a huge fan of gold hardware because of how the plating degrades so easily, but the MK Blonde & tortise shell just screamed out for it for some reason. This one is hollow swamp ash with a AAAAA birdseye maple neck, and a really colorful Indian Rosewood fretboard. The neck uses my modern profile, so it's a bit thinner and rounder than my vintage profile. While I normally use Lollar pickups nowadays, this one called for something with a bit more output, while retaining a vintage tone - so I used Lindy Fralin's Steel Poled
Tele pickups. These things sound a good bit like a Gibson P-90, and are about 15% hotter than stock Tele pickups. I also used a 4-way switch which allowed standard Tele switching in the first 3 positions,
and used both pickups in series in the fourth position, for a HUGE humbucking tone.
Sadly, this one was borrowed for a recording session, and never returned. I have been searching for it for quite a while now, as quite alot of time and money went into it's creation.