Sunday, March 26, 2006

Current Builds

I have a batch of five guitars in the works, the bodies of four of which are shown here. I bandsawed the rough profile, then routed the final shape yesterday. Next step is to rout the pickup and control cavities, as well as the trmolo cavity on one of them. All are C models. They are:

  1. Mahogany with a thick quilted maple top, which will be a carved top
  2. Alder with a quilted maple top
  3. Koa
  4. Mahogany
  5. Chambered hollow mahogany with quilted maple top (not shown, as it's getting it's top glued on)

If I have time, I'll slot & radius fretboards for them tonight. One ebony, one pau ferro, one birdseye maple, and two indian rosewood. Journaling this stuff for the first time leads me to think I should start writing a book. There are a few out there which are good, but none are aimed at making high-end, boutique-quality guitars in a home or small shop.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

THS Model

This is my personal favorite. Great tone, lightweight, solid set-neck construction, and clean, classic looks with a little extra cool-factor thrown in.
  • Chambered Mahogany body
  • Mahogany set-neck
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Lollar P90 pickups
  • Available in Cherry, Black, TV Yellow, TV Orange, and Powder Blue